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Education at Exadel

  • 100+ trainings per year for employees
  • 4,400+ applications to participate in our bootcamps and trainings
  • 500+ bootcamp annual trainees
  • $1,000 compensation for self-education
  • Certification training: AWS, Azure, PSM, PSPO, CBAP, CMAP, SAFe 6.0 & Others. Your certification will be sponsored
  • Stacks: Java, React, Golang, .NET, JS, BA, AQA, DevOps, Node.js, Python

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    Trainees Feedback about our Courses

    Associate Software Engineer

    “Attending the Bootcamp gave me a valuable insight into the stages of a programmer’s work during a commercial project. I had a chance to perfect my Java skills under he watchful eye of experienced mentors, as well as my teamwork and communication skills. The training was extensive and required great effort, but the experienced I earned is invaluable and helped me to define my further career steps.”

    Associate Software Engineer

    “Competition is not encouraged, while mutual support and collaboration are continually fostered. Such an approach brings about excellent results. Working with mentors was an incredibly valuable experience. Instead of solving separate tasks, we experienced a full cycle of work on one project. We had a common goal, and pulled together to achieve our shared objective as efficiently as possible. The process was very close to the real working conditions one may experience on a commercial project.”

    Software Engineer

    “This internship gave me the chance to dive into a work process and gain an understanding of what it’s like commuting to work and spending an eight work day developing. In my opinion, it’s the best way to test yourself and your knowledge, and for the company, it’s the best way to examine a candidate.”

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    Ani Gogichaishvili
    Learning & Development Administrator

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